The Radiant Soundbook : Ascension Songbook with Guitar Chords

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Introducing the Radiant Soundbook,

Step into the harmonious world of Radiant Soundbook, where every chord strummed is a journey into spiritual elevation. With over 50 meticulously selected songs, this anthology transcends mere music—it’s a distillation of mantras and medicine melodies, crafted to align you with your inner divinity.

Picture yourself immersed in ceremony and prayer, effortlessly connecting with the frequencies of ascension-aligned wisdom and with this trusty tome at your side. Whether you seek solace, inspiration, or simply a musical companion for your spiritual journey, Radiant Soundbook provides.

Enriched with guitar chords, each page resonates with the power to uplift and transform. This intentional anthology isn’t just a collection of songs—it’s a compendium to your soul’s embodied evolution.

As we navigate into this new era of truth and diligence, let Radiant Soundbook soundtrack your spiritual growth.


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