In the realms of ‘healing’ communities and groups, there are few misconceptions more dangerously misleading than those surrounding the topic of trauma.

So far, many have become confused and misguided to the extent that they will create an entirely Trauma derived identity, thinking that it is healed and spiritual, and that those who do not act accordingly to it quickly become the enemy.

This is in no way Healing.

This is an admittance that you are wounded and intend to stay wounded.
This is the birth of a Trauma Demon possession and the gateway into the embodiment of Baphomet Consciousness.

The ‘Trauma Informed’ deception

Why are so many so called healers touting labels such as ‘trauma informed’ rather than ‘trauma healed’? Could it be because they know that they have not healed any of their own karma and only seek to create more of it in others, through their control and manipulation?

Sure, there is some awareness going into the knowing that they are in fact traumatized, but rather than healing it they choose to talk about it all day.

(Un) Conscious Community members mirror this mentality to one another, ensuring that nobody ever rises above their self-imposed trauma dimension.

Among these circles, there is no greater crime than suggesting that the healing journey is anything but an endless merry go round.

Going from shaman, to healer, to ecstatic dance and to yoni steams, they share the common acknowledgment healing is a life sentence and true liberation is far beyond their reach.

Trauma Becomes Karma

When a person commits to the path of externalization of their problems, usually by blaming others for not bending to their will and acting accordingly to the traumatic programing that they themselves created, they cement the trauma into the core of their existence, eventually making it into karma.

This inevitably grows the victimhood to a degree which it has more of an influence in an individual’s life than their own Soul, and even more than Love itself.

The simple solution would be to honestly look at the traumatic experience and recognize how you magnetized it, regardless of how ‘out of your control’ the related events may seem.

Discover what ressonance you had with such a thing unfolding in your life in the first place and see the valuable mirror into your own process that the so called ‘perpetrator’ has provided, beyond physical manifestations.


Moving beyond Trauma and Karma Entirely

This takes incredible levels of humility and honesty, primarily towards your higher-self, choosing to listen to your true self as a being of Love/Light rather that the false identity created at the conception of your trauma.

As painful the situations connected to your trauma may be for you, if you intend to move forward authentically and true to your Spirit, from a place of love, evolving as a Being who is sovereign on all levels of Experience, then a sense of responsibility and accountability that is absolute is essential.

Beyond 4D there is no victimhood. Karma and Trauma can only be here in a state of progressive healing and alignment, taking place through all that you have learned on your journey as a Soul.

All Experience, no matter how painful, is refined into pure wisdom and you may begin to truly realize them as your light.

It’s time to choose, your heavy, cold and destructive Karmic-Trauma Identity or True Liberation, Love and Ascension.


Allowing, True 5D Purging and Integration

For somebody who recognizes that they have trauma, childhood or otherwise, and wishes to heal and integrate it, the approach should be one that gets to the core of the issue rather than trying to control their environment to conceal themselves from triggers.

It is the emotional triggers which open the doors to true healing. The only outcome in attempting to shield yourself from them or chase them away is extending the duration of your trauma and increasing the power that it has over you.

Allowing all energies and emotions that you attribute to a traumatic event, opening your heart to them and trusting your innate Love.

In a world so wrapped up in fear, choosing love may be the hardest decision of your entire existence, however, for somebody with trauma stemming from past experience, the choice to heal and integrate it rather than externalizing the problem will be the most liberating and rewarding thing they can possibly do.

You must allow and eventually accept all that has happened.
You cannot change the past by force, no matter how hard you try.

Those who expect the people in their lives to rectify their past will only ever be surrounded by people who mirror their trauma game back to them, ie. other dishonest and traumatized individuals.

The only way to heal the past is with Presence in the Present, opening your heart to all the pain, grief and any other energy you associate with it. This is a process requiring a dedication; to Love, Light and your Ascension, taking as long as is required for you to learn all the lessons stored within it.

It cannot happen simultaneously with the unending externalization complex by which the conditions of the trauma are projected outwards onto All beings who the trauma bearing individual meets.


into 6D purpose

The externalized false-healing consciousness must be seen for what it is and then utterly discarded, and only then will you be able to truly work with your negative experiences in the light.

If you have been given the trauma from source, you have a duty to do something with that energy other than just talk about it or attune your environment to avoid it.

Failure to Acknowledge that is Betrayal to spirit.

Use it for the light, not for more trauma.

Infinite Blessings,


Dragon Rinpoche