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Dragon Alchemy

I am

Dragon Rinpoche


Ascended Master


Leader of Ascension

For New Earth Leaders, Ascension Pioneers and Those who walk the path of Light

this platform provides…





Medicine Ceremony

Through Ascension-Aligned, plant medicine  Lightwork, we bring the physiological and the mental into the Heart and into the Realms of Pure Light and Geometry.

This allows for Deep Clearing and Purging of ancient programs, paving the way for total 5D / 6D embodiment & Mastery.

Light Healing Retreat

Presenting our Premium and All Inclusive Plant Medicine and Healing retreat offering, in Dos Ojos, Tulum, Mexico.

Featuring an Exclusive small circle ceremonial setting with experienced guides, at our luxury jungle sanctuary.

Dragon Sutras

The Dragon Sutras are a growing collection of my Embodied Teachings.

It is a Library of Ascension Wisdom designed to serve the Planetary collective shifting from 4D Earth, to 6D Metatron.

The Radiant Soundbook

Picture yourself immersed in ceremony and prayer, effortlessly connecting with the frequencies of ascension-aligned wisdom and with this trusty tome at your side.

Whether you seek solace, inspiration, or simply a musical companion for your Ascension Journey, Radiant Soundbook provides.

Dragon Energy Arts

Are you ready to Attain total Mastery over the Energy Body, Lightbody and Absolute Joy, in this lifetime?

Emerge into a greater sense of embodiment of your Truest Essence

Introducing Dragon Energy Arts,

Fully Embody pure Source consciousness.