6D Enlightenment ceremony

What is 6D?

6D reality is the Dimensional plane of Light, Geometry, Colour and Light Language.

The Sixth Dimension is where you go when you create reality in Dream-times, and it is also the dimension of Buddha and Christ consciousness.

It is the final Dimensional plane of existence where you are still able to call youself a human.

By Entering into Ceremony in a 6D container, you are easily able to access that which can only be described as pure and true, Enlightenment.

4D Dreams Become 6D Reality

6D In Ceremony

Through Ascension-Aligned, plant medicine  Lightwork, we bring the physiological and the mental into the Heart and into the Realms of Pure Light and Geometry.

This allows for Deep Clearing and Purging of ancient programs and paves the way for total 5D / 6D embodiment and mastery.

Compared to a traditional Karmic-Shamanic ceremony experience, you can expect to have a far more clear and internal, deep-diving experience – where the whole ceremony is focused on you and your healing.

Without the karmic bells and whistles of traditional Shamanism, the chance of new trauma being created is non-existent.

Beauty and Magic is absolutely Guaranteed.



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