Dragon Energy Arts

Are you ready to Attain total Mastery over the energy body, Liberation and Absolute Joy, in this lifetime, and Emerge into a greater sense of embodiment of your Truest Essence?

Dragon Energy Arts is a methodology which was developed though Myself and Ascended Masters which I have gradually merged with over the previous 5 Years.

Channeled through an integrated wisdom of Meditation, Asana, Kundalini, Qigong, Pranayama and Chanting over multiple lifetimes and incarnations.

Once the appropriate ground work has been established, it can allow one to directly access and eventually embody, fully, pure Source consciousness.

Align with truth from within and come to comprehend totally new levels of relaxation unprecedented on the planet at this time. The Kind of relaxation which welcomes Source Energy to Provide total multidimensional recalibration on a cellular and genetic level.