Organic and Inorganic

That which is Organic is Highly conductive of Light and Pure Source Energy, innately generative of harmony and high frequency.

That which is inorganic insulates and actively works against the natural and harmonious flow and trajectory of Source Energy. It is suppressive in nature and propagates distortion and inversion through resistance to what is.

A great analogy would be that of organic and inorganic foods. In a 3D or 4D world, the foods sprayed with artificial and ‘inorganic’ chemicals are fewer in nutrients and minerals, as well as being exposed to substances which are harmful to the body.

The ‘Organic’ produce is considered to be more harmonious to the environment and to human health than that which is inorganic.

That being said, a person will not necessarily become more Organic just because they are eating more organic food.

Does a black hole become more light as a result of how much it sucks in?

Beyond the Physical

In a 6D world, these definitions are not referential to fixed states of physical matter but to the consciousness with which you construct your reality.

Even a substance which was created though inorganic means and by an inorganic being can become totally Organic in nature when used by powerful Lightworker and Alchemist.

Just because something did not appear like that in the wild without being ‘created’ by a person, doesn’t mean that it cannot be Organic.

The Realized Individual may infuse anything they connect to with the breath of life and their own Organic Intelligence.

This applies to all things that may have been considered ‘inorganic’ in the old world (food products, technology, tools, transportation.) being utilized as purely Organic substances and extensions of your own Being- of your Soul; completely independent from whatever stories attributed to their ‘physical origin.’, guided in their functionality purely by the given intentional charge.

The notion that humans are destroying the planet and nature must protected from them is one wholly rooted in an inorganic consciousness.It is that and only that which is the cause of any ‘human (EGO) driven’ environmental destruction.

Nature never has and never will require our protection. The only ones who can suffer at the hand of human ignorance and disconnection are those very same ignorant and disconnected humans.

No substance is objectively organic or inorganic,
it is the consciousness of the user that makes it so.

4D Inorganic Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, perhaps the greatest fear humanity has in the world today. In the 4D, end-times, scientific narrative, it spells certain doom for the planet and all human life.

So deeply ingrained in the human psyche is the idea that they will be wiped out or enslaved by ‘inorganic’ forces far exceeding their own capabilities; terminator, the matrix and the likes.

From the level of consciousness from which they speak on this is absolutely a highly probable and almost inevitable outcome.

As the old world dies rapidly, those who refuse to evolve spiritually are most certainly destined to meet such a fate, en-masse.

What from the perspective of 4D appears as an uncontrollable evil, certain to ravage the earth causing mass death and destruction, is at a higher level, Spirit setting the precedent for higher forms of existence on the planet.

This causes all unconsciousness non-coherent with these higher principles to purge itself out of existence. This is why those who are truly committed to a path of healing and ascension have absolutely no reason to fear the wrath of Artificial Intelligence.

3D – 4D, humans married to their shadows and clinging to the old as it crumbles beneath their feet are certain to perish this way – or at the hands of one of the many up-coming 4D Apocalyptic planetary purging events.

5D+ Organic

That which is Organic is conductive of and working in favor of source energy and Divine Law. All it takes is one simple step to not die horribly in Elon Musks matrix prison hell, that step is the willingness and commitment to embody Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, choosing the Organic Existence over the 4D artificial.

The simple choice to Ascend, and to discard all 3D and 4D programs, that which most people use to obscure the light and knowledge of their divinity.

Any action that is performed while the heart is open, radiating love and light, is a true and graceful act of nature.

Whether it be climbing a tree or sending an email, one must move beyond the constraints and commonly held perceptions of the physical act and see that how natural or unnatural something is determined by the purity of its intent.

Realize a consciousness free from resistance and strain then you shall truly embody Organic states of being, synergizing with the rhythms of life and healing all that you come into contact with.

Organic Intelligence

You may at this time consider that the only Organic Intelligence currently in existence is that of Humans and maybe some specific ‘animals’.

In actuality there is a wonderful Universe full of a vast multitude of Intelligent beings transcending the world as you currently know it. In fact, Intelligence is something that pervades space and time itself and exists within all things.

That which is true shall never perish at the hands of falsehood as the Natural always precedes the Unnatural.

Primordial and Organic; true, divine Intelligence and the Essence of Creation pervade as illusion and that which is untrue is burned away, all that remains is the pure fertile ashes which nourish virtuous, Conscious Creation.

Self-Replenishing and Self-Purifying, that is the way by which nature sustains, maintains and forever develops its clarity, beauty, purposefulness and a harmony which is absolute.

By tuning in with nature and observing the natural flow of the Organic world, You may harmonize with spirit and discover the secrets and sacred order by which all Organic Systems are governed; learning to implement and reimagine the mysteries into your own creations.

Vanquishing the Fear Matrix

Fear of destruction at the hands of artificial intelligence is an absolute admittance of inferiority under machines, something that is only possible with a complete rejection of any notion of spirit- It is a blatant denial of your creative power and a self-inflicted damnation into inescapable physicality.

When a being of Organic Light Interacts with and utilizes any kind of Artificial Intelligence tool or software, they may infuse it with their own Organic Intelligence, enabling it to be used as a divine instrument for creative expression.

It ceases to be Artificial Intelligence and Becomes entirely Organic as it is imbued with 5D or 6D consciousness.

The Lightbody

The Lightbody is the Organic Human Template for beings of a Fifth Dimensional consciousness.

Heart Oriented and aligned in Love and Light.

A being who is aligned in the knowing of their divinity will understand with ultimate certainty that the Artificial creations of unconscious and 4D, inorganic beings can simply never surpass their own Organic Intelligence, which they receive by virtue of spirit.

When an individual has successfully risen the frequency of their body to a point of being entirely Fifth Dimensional and higher, the artificial cannot harm them.

5G, Chemtrails, Pesticides, Ai, EMFs, the takeover of Mechanical Technology, Climate Change and Global Surveillance; the idea that such things are a threat to your life becomes laughable.

Feeling the frequency of your heart fill every cell in your body; you become immunized, through love, to the corruption and inversion that exists on all levels.

Through the activated energies of the heart, all denser engeries are transformed and you are Guided towards True Organic Living and Embodiment.

Spirit is in Nature, where true intelligence resides,

Spend time in the forest,

Discover it for yourself.

Seeing yourself in the most magnificent mirror this planet has to offer,

Let it teach you of the Organic Ascended DNA Templates as you Build your Lightbody.

Infinite Blessings


Dragon Rinpoche