QiGong is an Ancient method of Charging the body with lifeforce and harmonizing with the elements, heaven and earth. Many choose to overlook that it is a deeply esoteric art, and thus transpires on many levels of existence.

In modern times it is considered to have been developed in Ancient China, however its true origins emanate from Lemurian techniques for grounding spirit into physicality.

The Vessel becomes an anchor and a conduit, channeling higher dimensional energies into the physical. By doing this, the physical body and its energetic systems are refined, increasing your conductivity with Spirit.

With enough practice you may even (BE)come a bridge between heaven and earth; a pure channel for God Consciousness. The result is massive healing, revitalization, lightening, spiritual transformation and much much more.

Chinese QiGong

Chinese Qigong is focused primarily on relaxing the body, sinking your energy into the earth and restoring balance to each of your different bodily organs. By opening the body’s meridians and circulating lifeforce through them, optimal health and physiological balance as well as an energetic balance between yin and yang may be created.

To this day, those who practice such arts are generally in better health(mental, emotional and physical) and are able to be active into an older age, among their 4D peers.

Most forms of the art are centered around breathing deep and focusing your vital energies in the lower tantien, just below your navel. By doing this you are, through your directed focus, grounding your spirit into the earth.

As Chi accumulates in this center it develops into a vast well of energy which can be drawn upon at any time, for any intention. This allowed for the feats presumed by their observer to be supernatural or miraculous.

Building discipline, fortitude and high constitution, it is no wonder that this powerful art has been favored by martial artists and spiritual practitioners for millenia.

All these benefits may be a massive upgrade from the current experiential existence of an individual, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the truest potential of these Arts.

It can certainly be a most beautiful practice, which when used correctly can lay effective groundwork for your ascension, however, its drawbacks are in its linearity and its basis being in 3D energy work on a 4D model of the energy-body.

Similarly to most forms of yoga, it is coming from a less conscious time in human history and so the lineages contain alot of karma. Those who once would have been considered Masters now rigorously maintain a veil of limitation and dogma upon the art, passed down from times when a 3D or at best 4D was all that the planet could support.

5D QiGong

Most honest Qigong Practice eventually becomes 5D Organically, especially today. When the body is relaxed, accessing the magnificent frequencies that are all around is completely natural and will always lead you to the infinite nature of the heart.

Once a sense of spiritual/energetic groundedness and connection to the planetary body has been established, raising that energy and utilizing it to ascend into heart-oriented frequency, and in turn building the Lightbody, becomes entirely possible.

Using your cultivated and innate Qi-Lifeforce to open the Heart and fill it with Love/Light is the ultimate goal of 5D QiGong. It requires Focus, Trust, Diligence and Surrender.

As the heart opens, all denser energies may be permeated by the light, transformed and liberated into pure consciousness. This allows for a lighter and freer existence, more aligned with your soul.

Yin and Yang cease to be opposites and become Unified in the Heart’s infinite knowing as Duality is dissolved. You can begin to understand opposing polarities as interconnected variables which serve the common goal of harmony.

Energy is liberated and space is created as you merge Heart and Mind to transmute lifetimes worth karma that was stored within the body. Allowing, Listening and Feeling are the Keys.

Working with Qigong and similar practices with these intentions will prepare your body for unprecedented DNA recalibration and alignment with Source and God Consciousness. Today this means Ascension, Evolution and Integrating Spirit with Matter.

Lemurian Energy Arts

As Mentioned before, the most commonly accepted template when relating with Qigong and energy cultivation practices is Chinese, however, I invite you to experience a far more ancient, Lemurian Template.

In the Times of Lemuria, prior to Atlantis, the planet was Sixth Dimensional, as it recently has become once again. The point that this very early version of Earth existed at was before the idea of Earth as a denser existence had ever been conceived of.

Light, Matter and Spirit were One, consciousness was in an early phase in the process of densifying into matter, aka. Descension. Life on the planet was quite literally breathed in and out of existence, by and through the will of spirit.

This allowed the Pure-Consciousness, light beings (Us) who inhabited the planet at the time to merge with any and all forms of life and cosmic intelligence. Everything was Purely organic and All functioned harmoniously within a pristine eco-system.

Anything aligned within the Pure and Pristine Eco-system can be naturally grown at will, if it can be imagined, felt and if the correct energy is supplied. Everything in Existence, part of an organically generated environment.

We are now reaching a point on this planet where we are able to live in a similar version of reality , however, this time with the understanding of total individuation, and a far deeper integrated knowing of our collective and varied, infinite self as spirit.

A Nourishment Beyond the Physical

When One becomes adept at feeling their energy and directing with intention, there develops the possibility for it to be directed in a way that it becomes a source of nourishment, even supersedeing traditional forms of energy assimilation such as eating.

Once a certain level of energetic realization has been reached, intentional breath and movement becomes a highly viable option for charging the body with lifeforce.

By tuning into different aspects of nature and creation, harmonizing your own frequency with them, the various needs of the body may filled in the lightest possible way.

Energy flows to where your attention goes, so you can very tangibly feel each of your organs fueled and vitalized as your intentions dictate.

How you eat must be entirely reevaluated with the knowing that you can fuel, energize and rebuild your body through means other than eating.

Food itself will even begin to serve a differnt purpose in your life entirely.

Unified, Ascended Template

Through a collected wisdom through the planetary dark age/descension and now Ascension process, we may merge the 2 templates, that of Chinese QiGong and the Lemurian Energy Arts, Learning to densify and expand the LIGHT and Spirit of our bodies at will.

Organically configuring, upgrading and evolving ones physiology and environment according to higher dimensional templates, on a fully 6D Planet. Conscious Evolution in real time; enabling an infinite multitude of possibility and experience, made manifest on earth.

The possibilities really become as vast as you envision. Those who intend to do True Lovework and Lightwork on this planet will be empowered with every tool they could possibly require to do so.

The Hands become pure instruments for any task required. Transforming wasteland into a vast, fertile expanse and spawning kingdoms and cities out of the dust.

You may even purify the environment of inorganic matter.

In time and with diligent refinement, you may begin to view yourself as a cleansing agent in the world rather than a subject to its toxicity.

Full understanding and integration within a Sixth Dimensional Terrain allows for mastery of, in and over, all forms of Organic Generation. That which the Alchemists of Old could hardly even dream of.

Infinite Diamond QiGong

This is the threshold at which all energy becomes Pure Light.

The Ultimate Soul DNA purification, an Absolute rebirth without any need for reincarnation. Total Unification of all Chakras into one Glistening Crystal of light
**- Your Own Source.

Everything becomes illuminated through the complete acceptance of all things. From this state you will realize your deepest shadows as your brightest light.

This is the pinnacle of energy arts within the human experience.

Completely Align with Truth from within and come to comprehend totally new levels of relaxation and peace, unprecedented on the planet at this time. A Peace so deep it welcomes the Source of all creation to Provide multidimensional recalibration, on a cellular and genetic level, and beyond.

QiGong for Ascension

Since 1999, moving energy in the human body has, over time, become very different. With big milestones and shifts occurring in 2012 and 2024.

What once would have been considered fundamental physical and energetic laws are now more flexible, multidimensional and dictated by the consciousness of the individual and, with less conscious beings, the collectives that they are bound by.

To remain tightly attached to rigid models, systems and dogmatic methods becomes more of a hinderance than ever before, far from a gateway into further expansion.

Learning to organically move energy with the correct intention can truly be equally as effective as other Ascension Tools such as Ayahuasca and Psilocybin. It can also be an ideal method to integrate the levels of consciousness accessed in your highest, peak experiences into your natural baseline consciousness, raising it permanently.

Simply desire to know, ask to understand and utilize all that you have learned, from all life times, and then surrender to the natural unfoldment of it’s embodied wisdom.

Your unique energy template is yours to discover, and so do so in joy.


Infinite Blessings


Dragon Rinpoche