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This serves as a foundational piece of information that accurately reflects the 12 different levels of consciousness that exist in the Universe.

While the Universe is of course not limited to these frequency bands expressed as dimensional realities, this accurately describes the jumps in consciousness made when going back and forth (or down and up) from one Dimension to another.

While skipping a dimension is entirely possible – going from 3D to 5D induced by DMT, for example – every experience has to be integrated.

For you as an ascending Human, the Dimensions 3-6 are currently the by far most, and truthfully, only relevant ones.

Anything beyond Dimension 6 is something you can imagine to some degree – but cannot comprehend yet.

A basic understanding of the 7th Dimension requires a fully 5-dimensional Heart-Mind as a baseline with 6D Templates active & in place.

For the sake of clarity & completeness, I laid out ALL dimensions that there are.

Take on what truly resonates, disregard the rest – for now.

To gain a better and more profound understanding, read my post on Frequency States of Energy – Duality, Polarity & Unity.


1st Dimension


The 1st Dimension can best be described as pure existence. The beings you are most likely to know embodying and reflecting this consciousness are bacteria, viruses, parasites and, to some degree, minor plants & life forms falsely being attributed the name “animals” (such as plankton).

There is no such thing as a human, plant or animal existing only in 1D consciousness.

Existing in 1D necessitates a level of intelligence that can only be described as “existential”.

There is no conscious awareness of needing to eat, fight, procreate etc.

All those functions are extremely limited.

And that which is necessary is on autopilot without the conscious knowing of the entity.

Are bacteria intelligent, for example? Yes, they are to the level that they need to be.

Everything in existence possesses organic intelligence. That even applies to human-made technology that is wrongly considered artificial.

To keep this short and simple, aligned with its inherent simplicity, 1-dimensional consciousness is one of simply being.

Not thinking, not feeling, not even creating.

Simply being.

That’s it.

~ Identification ~

2nd Dimension


2-Dimensional Consciousness can best be described as one of Instinctual Awareness.

That means: Whatever you perceive from 2D gets interpreted and ‘run through’ instinctual software (pattern) templates that are imprinted into your DNA.

That is why playing with animals – who primarily operate on 2-dimensional instinctual awareness – has to happen from a teaching/top-down perspective.

If not, the animal will think that it’s in charge which, depending on your situation (let’s say being out in the jungle or open safari), can lead to dangerous situations.

If an animal perceives you as a viable food option, it will take advantage of you.

Unless you show it that you are superior, i.e., of higher consciousness and thus prowess, to it.

For then, its survival instinct will kick in, and prefer to live another day rather than die at your hands.

There is more to it, of course: Being of 2D consciousness comes with a lot of responsibilities compared to 1D. 

The being inhabiting (giving their life & soul to) the creature of their choosing will come equipped with traits to hunt prey – even if that’s just plants that cannot run away yet still get eaten.

A certain amount of consciousness must be there for information to be processed. A nervous system and a brain, to make sense of the informational input, whatever it may be.

Situational awareness, where to find food, when to fight, when to flee, when to sleep etc.

While the instinctual imprints are present, a 2-dimensional consciousness is mostly reactive.

It does not plan for the future.

It does not remember the past (except for experiential imprints necessary for its life & survival).

2D Consciousness exists to live, eat, procreate, and eventually die.

Simple – yet effective and fun a life form to choose as an incarnational experience.

~ Duality ~

3rd Dimension

Physicality & Ego 

Achievement Through Doing

Here comes the dimension that humans have by far the most experience with.

Removed from the human experience, physicality is merely a manifestation of energy. A densified form of thought-feeling-emotion-spirit; as you will learn when reading about the higher dimensions 4-7.

The so-called Laws of Physics are merely reflections of a 3-dimensional thinking mind that tries to understand its surroundings & reality through the lens of a very finite consciousness.

Using a telescope based on 3-dimensional consciousness to find life forms on other planets that are of a higher consciousness is impossible.

Look into nature, what do you see? Doesn’t a praying mantis, a dragonfly, a tarantula and many plant species look very alien already?

Wanting to find humanoid life forms that are similar to what humans already know (themselves) on other planets is contradictory in itself.

No planet is alike, every planet has its own unique blueprint (or what scientists would call atmosphere and base for life).

To SEE these life forms, one has to have a consciousness that allows for the energy of these beings to permeate your senses – then being interpreted by your brain/mind to tell you: This is a different kind of life form, alien to you.

Even if these life forms were 3-dimensional, the baseline (i.e. lowest) consciousness of humanity until November 2023, it would still require an open mind to be able to accept their existence and see them for what they are.

Now, on to the true purpose of physicality.

Physicality allows for a grounded-ness in reality that can only be accurately described as “basic”.

The physical dimensions is one of great self-exploration (think athletes, olympics, soldiers) while being inherently limited.

One will be able to take it only so far (such as running 0.001 seconds faster than the other guy) or appearing to be a tiny bit more attractive than the other human of your comparative choice before reaching the road block of physical limitation.

Since 1980, many Souls have incarnated with a template for higher abilities (4D) while children of 2000+ are already 5D-activated.

As these children have had great problems in the world they found (I’m speaking from experience), they struggled with adjusting to the norm.

This struggle would lead to conditions known as ADHD, Autism and many others.

It also left them performing very poorly in the 3rd dimension.

Physical feats were simply not their strength – their abilites lied in the higher, non-physical 4D realm.

4th Dimension

The Matrix

Information: Mental (Intellect+Empathy)

Thoughts create reality.

And feelings form the fertile substrate for thoughts.

You see: Mental does not only mean thought.

It encompasses also empathy.


“A sixth Sense”, as it were.

An intuitive feeling (feminine charge) is just as powerful a creative force as a clearly formed and precisely-directed thought (masculine charge).

As you will learn shortly, in the 5th dimension, an Emotion is the combinatory force of Thought & Feeling.

The dualistic perspective of an emotion manifest is thus Thought + Feeling = Emotion.

To bring Energy into Motion, a thought needs to be nourished for it to take form.

The masculine and feminine principle manifest in duality.

In the decades past, thoughts and mental thought processing capacity (IQ)  have been considered more important.

This is a masculine-charged idea of the 4th dimension (Intellect) itself.

The Feminine 4D Mirror to Masculine Intellect is Empathy.

Empathy, which can also be called Compassion, forms the baseline for an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that is required to balance the pure logical-rational thought patterns of the Masculine.

And vice versa.

We have seen the great Extremes of only IQ or EQ in Decades past – neither are healthy nor useful.

Even a ‘perfect balance’ between the two is, due to its dualistic nature and the inherent limitatons of such, no longer aligned with the higher purpose of Humanity and Earth (5D+).


All those who are intent on furthering their intellect or Empathy are operating on a purely 4-dimensional consciousness basis.

Add to that Women wanting to be more intellectual-strong-independent-masculine and Men who want to be more empathetic-soft-dependent-feminine and you get the current confusion Humanity finds itself in.

No matter how ‘smart’ a human becomes, how highly ’emotional’ and ‘feeling for’ everyone, however high their IQ/EQ: They are still just 4-dimensional beings.

It is not until 5D is reached that a Human becomes activated and begins its Ascension consciously.

A highly-developed 4D Human is a conundrum to itself.

A being with a vast amount of intellectual resources – yet completely imprisoned by its own egoic ambitions and trauma-driven pursuits.

Elon Musk serves as the best representative of the aforementioned state of being.

The Matrix

As 4D is the dimension of mental energy and as thoughts create reality, it also needs to be mentioned that what has often been called ‘The Matrix’ (inspired by the groundbreaking movie from 1999) exists here.

While the movie’s portrayal of the Matrix being slavery, evil and the enemy was necessary, do take note that, truthfully, it is much more neutral than that.

While no one enjoys being in prison, it is a learning tool like everything else.

Experiencing that which, once broken out of, you consider and realize to be imprisonment, gradually changes to merely another tool of learning on your Ascension path.

One cannot go from 3D to 5D without realizing that their thoughts & belief systems are holding them hostage.

That their Ancestral Karma is a construct chaining them to Old World belief systems.

Hence incarnating into a 3D physical reality and thinking thoughts of a 4-dimensional nature will inevitably lead to creating a reality.

So the Matrix has never been anything else but a reality, based on the belief systems of Humanity.

If that is a reality that you consider evil, malevolent or simply a stepping stone on your Ascension path (a 5D perspective) or even a fun experiment to partake in (7D), is entirely up to you.

The Astral Dimension

Everything Astral needs to be considered a dimension unto itself due to its significance in recent Human Ascension (1980-2019).

It describes largely the Frequencies used in the 4th Dimension, although it somewhat extends itself into the 5th Dimension.

We could also call this the Transcended Dimension between 4D and 5D, bridging the gap between The Old World & The New World.

This is where the first Spiritual Experiences happen for an unconscious Human that is becoming conscious.

Your Dream-time creations, traditional shamanic practices (hypnosis etc.), divination like Tarot Card Readings are all happening on the Astral Dimension.

While the Astral Dimension can seem exciting and benevolent, at this point and especially since 2011, it is no longer a realm in which conscious Magic (Lightwork) should be practiced.

The frequencies here are simply too low to support the energetics of a 5D Lightworker.

Also: Digital Technology operates on the frequency band of the Astral while also manipulating (working with) it.

The vast majority of digital traffic is happening here. Blockchain, NFC card readings, LTE, your WiFi signal and the vast majority of video games.

As of 2024, Technology has been upgraded to 6D (Light Frequency).


5th Dimension

Love – Truth – Emotion: The HeartMind

Once you reach this plane, you have pierced through the veil of unconsciousness.

Congratulations! You are now a fully ascending individual.

The 5th Dimension is the most relevant consciousness & frequency band to humanity right at this time.

This is changing to predominantly 6D in 2026-2033 with the beginning of Metatron – the 6-dimensional version of Earth (the evolution of Gaia).

Since 21/12/2012 (The prophesied end of the Old World), The Planetary Body has existed in a fully-manifested 5-dimensional field of consciousness.

With the 4-dimensional Earth effectively having ended in 1999, a transition happened from 1999-2012 from 4D Earth to 5D Gaia.

To understand let alone experience a 5-dimensional state of Consciousness as a Human, your Heart has to be open.

Allowing for a Flow of Pure Energy that is no longer hindered by the Human Mind and its inherent limitations.

While everything was Duality from 3-4D, now everything exists in polarized opposites (5-7D).

To Understand more about Duality & Polarity, their inherent differences and significance for Ascension, read this article.

Coming from a 3-4D Human level, ascending into 5D Consciousness means that Equality and Equilibrium truly exist.

When a human transitions from 4D to 5D, easily the hardest & most challenging phase of Human Ascension, breaking through the veil of illusions and common programming, the sole focus of the human becomes LOVE.

The focus goes from mental-intellectual-thinking to emotional-empathy-feeling. Experiencing. Living.

The Heart is opened and the Mind gives way to the Heart.

Love becomes the predominant focus – all else becomes irrelevant.

All else falters in the presence of LOVE.

Love becomes your Truth.

You think Love, you feel Love, you become Love.

An overwhelming sense of compassion runs at the Heart of your being – you understand the pain & suffering of others as you have started conquering, integrating and mastering your own pain & suffering.

One of your greatest challenges here will be to not succumb to victim-savior mode again but to stay above & beyond in frequency, knowing that all is well, whatever happens.

6th Dimension

Light: Geometry, Frequency, Akash

Kryst-Buddha-God Consciousness

Once you reach 6D as a Human, you embody God Consciousness.

As a Human Lifeform, you cannot reach higher than this level – perhaps this is enough for you. Perhaps it will leave you yearning for more.

It will depend on what your Soul has chose and considers you capable of.

As of March Equinox 2024, Planet Earth has reached its very first (ever) 6-dimensional template fully: Metatron.


6-dimensional Reality can best be described by Sacred Geometry, Colors, Lights (Rainbows) and Light Language.

This dimension is what you tap into when you dream-create in the higher realms.

Visions and future timelines that you create here will eventually trickle down into your current reality (almost instantaneously for 5D Humans), manifesting in a déjà-vu, a strong intuitive feeling, vibration (“Soul Shivers”) or otherwise.

Once this level of consciousness is reached, a pure flow of energy as information (“downloads”) manifests.

This is what many experienced practitioners of meditation (4D Level) are able to tap into – even if only at brief moments.

The information presents itself in Sacred, Hermetic and thus Sealed, Geometric Figures.

These have to then be interpreted by a 4D Mind or a 5D Heart.

These Figures represent crucial aspects of existence that make more sense the more you familiarize yourself with them in your baseline/normal state of consciousness.

That means looking at Sacred Geometry, carrying something of such geometry with you or otherwise consciously working with these Geometrical representations of existence is going to help you realize more of how Creation works.

For Lightworkers/Starseeds, Plant Medicine can open this stream of consciousness immediately and effectively.

Proper, Ascension-aligned Plant Medicine Work focuses on uplifting the 3&4-dimensional into the 5&6-dimensional.


True Enlightenment (Kryst-Buddha Consciousness)

Coming from an unconscious human experience in which you are familiar with Jesus Christ, the Buddha or another enlightened being of your culture & socio-religious programming, when you tap into the 6th Dimension, you will meet either of these beings and realize that THEY are YOU.

In other words: You are reaching your very own level and version of Enlightenment.

This will first present itself as your Higher Self “in disguise” of a being that you recognize to be of a higher level of consciousness.

Most likely an Ascended Master or an Alien.

The Ascended Master that you perceive in whichever form, it being your Spirit Guide, will eventually become you once you start embodying this level of consciousness.

You merge your consciousness with your Greater Self.

That is what Ascension is all about: becoming more than you once were, opening your Heart & Mind further to the truth.