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Adding to the center piece of this website – The 12 Dimensions and Universal States of Consciousness – this article deals with the different states of Energy manifest.

Energy can manifest in a dualized, polarized or unified way.

These different states can manifest only according to their level of consciousness associated with them – as prominently laid out in the above article.


Duality describes a state of energy in which the energy present is relating to each other in a ‘completely separated from each other’ manner.

It is like there is an invisible line drawn between people, entirely based on their own perception of energy due to their state of consciousness being of a 3- to 4-dimensional level.

A very obvious manifestation of duality in recent human history was the Berlin Wall, separating East from West in Spirit through a fully physical barrier.

Duality is the state of energies you are most familiar with.

The older you are in your current incarnation, the more time you have spent in duality recently.

Since 2012, the planetary energies have shifted to a fully 5-dimensional reality.

This means that, as inhabitants of Planet Earth as a 5D entity (Gaia), we have left duality behind a long time ago.

However, as humans have proven themselves to be rather extremely lazy and unwilling in their own bodily Ascension, duality templates still exist for the majority of humanity.

Most humans operate on an either/or basis.

This manifests in every way possible as everything is energy – and that energy is either split down the middle or increasingly unified (polarity and eventually unity).

To show you how this manifests in human reality, let us use human sexual-romantic relationships as an example here.

In the days of Duality, a man had his duties and a woman hers.

There usually was no overlap nor an understanding of each other’s field of responsibilities.

You do yours and I do mine.

End of story.

The expected traits of a woman were receptivity, softness, care etc.

The expected traits of a man were giving/providing, stability, strength etc.

This split has merely been a manifestation of this principle: Duality.

Duality simply describes the state of polarized opposites that are seemingly not polarized.

They are considered separate from each other – and thus not to be unified.

‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

To sum up Duality: Either/Or. This or that. Yes or No.

We stand divided and there is no bridge that is truly going to ever close that gap.

Every relationship in this field of consciousness is transactional in nature – True Love does not exist here.


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