The (Un)conscious Community

As you begin to awaken and expand into new levels of perception, feelings of aloneness or that you are isolated from those you once felt a connection with are common.

If you have recently experienced the grandest shift in consciousness that you ever have, it is completely natural that you would want to share this with others, along with all your many groundbreaking revelations that have accompanied this process.

You may begin to seek community, camaraderie, and friendship among what you perceive to be like-minded beings and depending on your level of discernment, this may be a positive thing and yield very positive results, providing a sense of accountability on your journey.

However, especially for those who began awakening before 2019, this may not always be the case, at least not without a veil of deception and karmic strings attached.

Between the realms of the Third and Fifth Dimensions, a territory which all of us may cross at some point, are numerous 4D Cults. So-called ‘Conscious Communities’ are among these cults.

Karmically inspired by 60s Hippydom, shamanism, and yoga, yet they’re their own animal entirely.

These are beings who have not chosen ascension, instead opting for a kind of alternative fashion statement and a set of hobbies, including tantra workshops, ecstatic dance, and anything that can have attached to it the terminologies such as ‘sacred’ or ‘ceremony’.

False (externalized) Healing

This seeking of external validation allows for optimum amounts of unconscious shadow expression and avoidance and the maintenance of a facade of superiority.

While often mentioning things such as 5D and Healing, the roots of their consciousness and their actions are solely 3D and 4D in nature (egoic and self-serving), only occasionally poking their shrouded crowns into the realms of Fifth-Dimensional territory.

The levels of consciousness achievable when the intentions behind the actions are rooted in within humanity’s deepest fears of loneliness, survival, and connection are meager when compared to those attained when moving from your innate wholeness and completion.

We are not to be misled by external manifestations as a marker point for how ‘healed’ somebody is. An Eternal dedication to Truth is key in order to pierce through any and all deception and lies.

Looks can be deceiving and those who place themselves at the forefront, as community leaders and spiritual elders, may be in fact among the most abhorrent, double-dealing harbingers of trickery, deception, and lies, propagating the seeds of shadowy deceit in and amongst their subjects.

As of 2024, the majority of ‘Shamans’, Yoga/Health Gurus, Teachers, Healers, Messiah Pretenders, and Practitioners find themselves falling into this category. One must work with light to pierce through every word they speak in order to unveil the energy which truly motivates them, revealing any and all hidden intentions.

The ‘Shamanism’ which transpires in and around these unconscious communities presents one of the more overt and obvious displays of cult-like behaviors currently in rampant propagation. Dark, demonic, karmic imprints express unconsciously due to the practitioners themselves not having reached a baseline of true healing; far from embodying anything close to a Fifth Dimensional and love-light oriented consciousness.

Learn more about Shadow Shamanism here.

Cult Fanaticism

Yoga is also often used as a front for the activity of modern spiritualist cults.

At first glance, the philosophies of such organizations may seem positive but upon closer inspection, they’re typically based upon the idea that we are separate from God and must perform austerity in order to bridge the space between ourselves and the divine.

Liberation, enlightenment and unity consciousness are distant goals to be strived for and are almost impossible to be reached without a guru and without the use of a dogmatic, religious system. Most people will only get there upon death, or so they claim. The Reality of Unity and Liberation on the planet at this time is far, far different than that in the time of the Vedas.

We are able to do a lot more now in a considerably shorter amount of time and it is in fact required of us that we do so. We have not to waste ourselves on archaic, monotonous methods as the bar for spiritual evolution and empowerment is considerably higher. Not Even Death will Guarantee your salvation.

One prime example of a most immeasurably dark and misleading yoga cult, having gained much traction over the past 7 years while its host encroaches onto savior status, particularly among the Indian community, would be that of YouTube celebrity guru Sadhguru.

The Indian, Tantric, Black Magician who makes Shiva out to be nothing more than a sacrificial deity within an absolutely linear and circular karmic model of reality.

The content in which he features may be an engaging way to learn about yogic history, Hinduism and Vedic mythology, however I certainly cannot recommend him or anything originating of his cult as a conduit for your ascension and spiritual growth.

Simply observe something like his Maha Shivratri events, with open eyes and you will see that it is simply idolatry satanism with a Hindu twist; blatantly externalizing the divine and therefore propagating false concepts of sacredness.

Classical, Modern and Post-modern, end times cults

Some of the most prominent historical, satanic, 2-4D cults of the old world include, Freemasonry, most universities, the Rosicrucian Order, Catholicism, other religions, and various pantheonic sects and societies.

Continually, on the more recent side of things, there are the Modern 4D cults such as Iskcon (Hare Krishna), OSHO, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, Bicram and practically all other scientific and religious sects, while at the absolute pinnacle of end times inversion we have the likes of Sadhguru, LGBTqai, Hollywood, Disney, as well as any and all of the conscious community sects, schools, and harems.

All contain external deification and divulge themselves into varying degrees of ritual, social, and spiritual abuse. In addition, most of which are founded upon the idea that those within the group are of a superior standing to the non-believers and have the moral high ground to people in the world at large.

The consciousness one will experience within any group collective is generally contained, confined, and filtered through that of the organizational leaders, with their baseline consciousness being the mean average of its key members. Unless you are to enter upon the pretense that you are there to perform light work (i.e., bringing light into a place of unconsciousness), what you can experience there will be bound to that.

A cult is centered around one key figure or a person, like a spiritual leader (ie. the Nazi Party or Sadhguru’s following). It is generally dependent on this key individual for its continual existence.

A sect  is a construct based on a community set of beliefs, forming a belief system that all members subscribe to. That belief system is dogmatic, thus spiritually supressive and restraining, which is why in the old world joining one was typically considered a life-sentence (you cannot get out).

An Inverted Matriarchy of Darkness

One of the many plagues rampant within communities which deem themselves conscious is the propagation of emasculate traits within their male participants, as well as idolization and promotion of inverted and toxic feminine behavior.

While there most certainly are strong men quietly doing their work, albeit usually on the sidelines, this way of thinking ensures that it is only the weakest, most inverted, and vampiric males who are congregated around in these circles.

Men within these communities with a calling for leadership often look up to such beings and it’s not unlikely that they would begin to unconsciously feminize themselves socially and mentally as they are falsely taught that it’s the good, right, and most spiritual thing to do.

Sacred masculinity is essentially unknown to these people as so few of them ever broke free from the brainwashing of their feminist upbringing before encountering women who demand to be treated as a goddess, despite also not even knowing the Goddess or the first thing about the divine feminine.

The goddess these beings demand to be treated as is nothing more than the product of toxic radical feminism masquerading as magical and sacred, enabling a massive avoidance of their shadows and traumas upon which their identity is formed. This is one of the primary and most overt ways that, at the hands of female leadership, healing is prevented at all costs.

Guilt Driven Veganism, Masculine Suppression

Another way these sects feminize is through guilt and shame-driven Veganism. Peer pressure and stigma against heavy, dense food types are just some of the ways masculine energy is starved off within these communities and it is a vast accumulation of karmic guilt which generates the illusion that such nourishing substances are wrong and immoral.

There is nothing wrong with practicing the eating of only plants, however, when this becomes an identity at the expense of your well-being, the legitimacy and helpfulness of ethical values must be brought into question. When it comes to consuming or not consuming anything, one must ask why.

What emotion are these decisions driven by and what is the motivation? Is it TRULY from a place of self-love and open-heartedness? Or is the choice to be a vegan one rooted in fear, guilt, and self-rejection? Intention is key and, in most cases, is in fact more principal a factor than the substance itself.

False Oneness, a Dualistic Prison Matrix

Incantations synonymous with these types of groups would be something akin to “we’re all one” or “we’re in this together” or perhaps even “we are all one family”.

While these words ring absolute truth in the highest possible dimensions and perspectives, this is most certainly not the case from the level at which they speak it. In 4D terms, this is nothing more than a spell or a curse binding its subjects in a DNA prison of illusion.

An apparent salvation from the matrix becomes no more than yet another one, only this time the black magic and deception is completely at the forefront.

Such a Fourth Dimensional agreement as that you ‘are all one’ with the unconscious dark workers in these communities is allowing them to make their karma your karma. It’s a signing away of your sovereignty to a party who has not done the necessary shadow work to be in a position of community leadership and so most certainly cannot be guide for others.

In getting yourself tangled up in such a net you open yourself up to all manners of projection and you quite literally allow others to discuss their own shadows in the context that they are yours.

The participants may well have not the slightest conscious awareness that such a thing is occurring.

To Summarize

Focusing on external results is, by definition, as far away from spirituality as you can get, it can only draw you away from the truth of your soul. That is why the striving for community living is such a pitfall and a light-consuming black hole for so many.

Among these groups it is commonly accepted and believed that its participants are somehow better than society at large and, as a result of the avoidance at the core of their exodus from the mainstream, that belief is an absolute fallacy.

These communities are little more than supremacist sect acting as a mixing pot for the unconscious and unintegrated karma gathered from the world over. It’s simply another matrix, one which can only have the same end result as that of the rest of the dying old world; a homogenized totalitarian collective of self-imposed social slavery, hell-bent on its own demise and the accumulation and propagation of parasitic karma to its bitter end.

Let love and an open heart be your guide. Trust your intuition, develop your discernment and transcend peer pressure, even among your ‘spiritual friends’ and especially community ‘leaders’.

If you believe that your heart is already open, that’s great! You can always open it further, welcoming in greater truth and clarity. You are worthy of it.

Live Truthfully, with Virtue and Integrity. Discover True Precedents of honor and Value, learn to Respectfully decline the company of those who cannot adhere to it. In doing so, you allow spirit to diligently craft your own Circles of Light and Redefine what it means to live as community and family.

Infinite Blessings,


Dragon Rinpoche